Jurassic World Movie Review

Posted on July 03, 2015 by Alice Whish | 1 comment

A world of Jurasicnessness

As I’m sure the avid dinosaur aficionado is aware, the movie “Jurassic World” has been in cinemas these past few weeks. Starring Chris Pratt (and a few others, but we know who we are most fond of), this is actually the direct sequel to the first film.
The park we know and love – sort of – has had a new theme park constructed on top. Under new management, we eventually gather the park has been open for some time, and it is now drawing closer to the release of their latest and greatest attraction – the Indominus Rex. I’m sure you’ll realise fairly quickly that this is not a real dinosaur – the manager has had his scientists splice it out of the genes of other animals, in order for it to become the ultimate apex predator. As we all expected, the creature escapes from captivity, and begins to hunt anything that moves.
The plot was some-what predictable, but there were a few sub-plots and side stories that turned up unexpectedly, which were carefully woven around the main narrative. Similar to the original trilogy, it carries an underlying message, a moral to the story if you will. The main idea is a sort of discussion about genetic modification, and how this can have major consequences. The secondary villain in the story also causes us to consider another issue. He intends to use the Velociraptors as a weapon with which to fight against terrorists and suchlike, highlighting the current political issue of large corporations diversifying into weaponry, when they can be doing so much more.
Overall the film was satisfying, for entertainment, and as a way to spark some serious thought. The CGI certainly made it, and the effects were excellent. It kept you on the edge of your seat at all times with plot twists scattered around, and with the odd love story. Oh, and of course, it was full of dinosaurs.

 Jurassic World has an M rating and is recommended for mature audiences. Teenagers enjoy this movie enormously. Thank you to our resident 15 year old for reviewing Jurassic World for us.

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  • Fidan
    The time between Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus is lonegr than the time between Tyrannosaurus and you. I refuse to believe that this isn’t a made-up inside joke. Seriously? This ruins my theory of extinction (gang-fight gone horribly wrong)

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