Compare Guidraco Venator with an Aussie Cassowary

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We compare Guidraco Venator with an Aussie Cassowary

Guidraco Venator the Pterosaur from northeast China lived 120 million years ago during the Early Cretaceous era. The name Guidraco Venator means "ghost dragon hunter". This meat eating Pterosaur had some interesting features including: a wingspan between 3 to 5 meters, a long thin skull with a mass of pointy teeth at the end of its jaw, for catching fish, and a round mass on its head. (similar to todays Australian Cassowary bird) 



Ok so he has big teeth and larger wings and a very big jaw but that head thingie looks very similar? BUY NOW

 Check out those feet!

The Australian Cassowary is a large Omnivorous flightless bird that eats mostly fruits, fungi, invertebrates and small vertebrates. That head feature is in fact a keratinous skin-covered casque which grows with age up to 18cm in an adult.

Have you seen a Cassowary up close? What was that like?

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How to make a dinosaur tail

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Japanese Washi Paper, Cotton, Tissue Paper, & Ribbon

Quick Method
1. cut a large triangle from the Washi Paper
2. cut a range of circles from the coloured tissue papers
3. stitch or glue these to the large triangle
4. sew the ribbon to the base of the triangle leaving enough ribbon to tie a around your little ones waist.
TIP easiest way to stitch the circles is to use a large zigzag stitch.

To begin choose some good quality paper such as Japanese Washi Paper available from Japanese goods stores. These shops usually have a great craft section with lovely tissue papers and origami papers. Decide on the size of the triangles and divide the entire sheet from a meter of paper you usually get 4 to 5 triangles for tails.

Find some circular objects to quickly draw circles on the tissue paper, cups, and bottle lids in 2 or 3 sizes will work well and cut these out. 

These can be glued or just use a tiny amount of glue to hold them in place and use a Zigzag machine stitch to fix them to the triangle tail. Add the ribbon to the waist and your done!

The stitching gives the paper a little more strength. These dinosaur tails are light and swishy so work well for toddlers at a birthday party. Why not make everyone a dinosaur tail. Go on you can do it! Just match the number of friends to the number of years your child is turning. Yep 3 or 4 is still a party!

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Fossil Fern Terrarium - Make your own Jurassic World

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Begin by selecting a glass jar with a lid. If possible find some sphagnum moss and use this to grow your Fossil Fern in or place regular moss over the sphagnum moss so that you do not need to use a  lot of soil. Add tiny pebbles or a rock, even a tiny piece of drift wood or piece of burnt stick from a fire. 

Finally add a mini Schleich dinosaurs or mini CollectA dinosaur available from Dinosaurs Galore A-Z - just to complete your scene.

Use a spray bottle to water 2 or 3 times a week.

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Cute Chocolate Dinosaurs

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Cute Chocolate Dinosaurs

Ingredients & Method 
Use good quality cooking chocolate such as ( - broken into small pieces) and put 2/3rds into a double saucepan or bowl on top of a saucepan of water, stir and begin to melt the chocolate.

Use good quality cooking chocolate such as (Haigh's Chocolate Couverture - broken into small pieces) and put 2/3rds into a double saucepan or bowl on top of a saucepan of water, stir and begin to melt the chocolate.

NB Don't let the water touch the bottom of the bowl with the chocolate in it and don't let water get into the melting chocolate, on contact the chocolate will set and go hard.

When melted remove the chocolate from all heat sources and add the remaining chocolate and stir untill melted.
Keep stirring till the chocolate is cool enough to touch and feels almost cool against your skin. Poor into Easy Choc mould and cool, pop out when set.

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Dinosaur Egg Hunt

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Dinosaur Egg Hunt:

There are many possibilities and ways to organise a Dinosaur Egg Hunt or Fossil Find. The first involves listing items that Children can easily find and return to you in exchange for chocolate eggs. See our list below.

The second is a little more involved and works well with older children. Draw a map of the area that the children need to explore and leave clues on pieces of paper to lead the children to the Fossil or treasure of chocolate eggs. Dinosaurs Galore has lots of items to help children explore including compass, magnify glass, head torch and Dinosaur Dig fossils of bones, dinosaurs, skeletons and teeth and claws to find.

Ages 3-5
Start by listing items to be found and once gathered these can be exchanged for chocolate eggs.

1. carnivore dinosaur
1. herbivore dinosaur
1. piece of herbivore food
1.piece of sediment rock or 1 rock
1. piece of meteor rock (pretend)
1. leaf from an ancient relative of plants that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs. (Wollemi pine leaf, a Gingko tree leaf, a conifer leaf, Fossil Fern or Club moss)


Ages 6+
Draw a map of the area that the children need to explore and leave clues on pieces of paper to lead the children to the fossil or treasure of chocolate eggs. A
sk the children to write down their answers to questions as they follow the map and find the clues. You might need a compass for this version, could also use a head torch to explore at night.


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Dinosaur Eggs - Gluten & Dairy Free

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Dinosaur Eggs- Gluten & Dairy Free

These are great for parties and as lunch-box treats at school: easy to make and even the adults will love them.  They use only the sugar found naturally in 12 dried dates - AMAZING!


12 dates (soaked for 1 hour)

1 cup of almond meal

1/2 cup coconut shredded

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/3 cup cocoa

Tablespoon of chia seeds

+ water and whatever dry fruit you have around or none


Roll in desiccated coconut and refrigerate

Your done!


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Jurassic World Movie Review

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A world of Jurasicnessness

As I’m sure the avid dinosaur aficionado is aware, the movie “Jurassic World” has been in cinemas these past few weeks. Starring Chris Pratt (and a few others, but we know who we are most fond of), this is actually the direct sequel to the first film.
The park we know and love – sort of – has had a new theme park constructed on top. Under new management, we eventually gather the park has been open for some time, and it is now drawing closer to the release of their latest and greatest attraction – the Indominus Rex. I’m sure you’ll realise fairly quickly that this is not a real dinosaur – the manager has had his scientists splice it out of the genes of other animals, in order for it to become the ultimate apex predator. As we all expected, the creature escapes from captivity, and begins to hunt anything that moves.
The plot was some-what predictable, but there were a few sub-plots and side stories that turned up unexpectedly, which were carefully woven around the main narrative. Similar to the original trilogy, it carries an underlying message, a moral to the story if you will. The main idea is a sort of discussion about genetic modification, and how this can have major consequences. The secondary villain in the story also causes us to consider another issue. He intends to use the Velociraptors as a weapon with which to fight against terrorists and suchlike, highlighting the current political issue of large corporations diversifying into weaponry, when they can be doing so much more.
Overall the film was satisfying, for entertainment, and as a way to spark some serious thought. The CGI certainly made it, and the effects were excellent. It kept you on the edge of your seat at all times with plot twists scattered around, and with the odd love story. Oh, and of course, it was full of dinosaurs.

 Jurassic World has an M rating and is recommended for mature audiences. Teenagers enjoy this movie enormously. Thank you to our resident 15 year old for reviewing Jurassic World for us.

Dinosaurs in Jurassic World 





Triceratops  and Triceratops CollectA

Tyrannosaurus Rex Collecta Deluxe

Tyrannosaurus Collecta and Tyrannosaurus Rex Walking Schleich

Tyrannosaurus Rex with Prey



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Dairy Free - Dinosaur Orange & Coconut Cupcakes

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Dinosaur Orange and Coconut Cupcakes
Easy to make and taste great and even better are DAIRY FREE.

Dinosaur Orange and Coconut Cupcakes are easy to make & taste great and even better DAIRY FREE. The quickest cupcakes to make just add wet ingredients to dry, mix and bake.

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Gingerbread Dinosaur Cookies & Biscuits - Best Recipe & Icing

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We love our dinosaur biscuit cutters and have been experimenting with cookie dough to work out just how to get those thin Brachiosaurus necks and tails out of the cutter. 

Our recipe and icing are here for FREE alongside our photos and instructions for how to make the best looking Dinosaur Cookies and biscuits.


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