How to make a dinosaur tail

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Japanese Washi Paper, Cotton, Tissue Paper, & Ribbon

Quick Method
1. cut a large triangle from the Washi Paper
2. cut a range of circles from the coloured tissue papers
3. stitch or glue these to the large triangle
4. sew the ribbon to the base of the triangle leaving enough ribbon to tie a around your little ones waist.
TIP easiest way to stitch the circles is to use a large zigzag stitch.

To begin choose some good quality paper such as Japanese Washi Paper available from Japanese goods stores. These shops usually have a great craft section with lovely tissue papers and origami papers. Decide on the size of the triangles and divide the entire sheet from a meter of paper you usually get 4 to 5 triangles for tails.

Find some circular objects to quickly draw circles on the tissue paper, cups, and bottle lids in 2 or 3 sizes will work well and cut these out. 

These can be glued or just use a tiny amount of glue to hold them in place and use a Zigzag machine stitch to fix them to the triangle tail. Add the ribbon to the waist and your done!

The stitching gives the paper a little more strength. These dinosaur tails are light and swishy so work well for toddlers at a birthday party. Why not make everyone a dinosaur tail. Go on you can do it! Just match the number of friends to the number of years your child is turning. Yep 3 or 4 is still a party!

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