Australia's biggest dinosaur

Posted on July 17, 2021 by Brian Kelly | 0 comments

Dinosaurs have been in the news again recently with the classification of the Tianosaur Australotitan Cooperensis or Cooper for short. The biggest dinosaur found in Australia so far and amongst the fifteen biggest dinosaurs in the world, Measuring up to 6.5m tall and 30m long, this is a very bid dinosaur. As a comparison it as long as one and a half cricket pitches or wider than two buses and almost as long as three buses.

Cooper was discovered in 2007 on a farm in south-west Queensland near Cooper Creek, is a Sauropod and would have lived during the Cretaceous Period, 92-96 million years ago. Sauropods were large plant eating dinosaurs with small heads, very long necks, long tails and thick, pillar-like legs.

More information can be found on the Queensland Museum page. Cooper is on display at the Eromanga Natural History Museum in Queensland

Although we don't have a model of cooper in our collection, similar dinosaurs include the Brachiosaurus, Paralitian and Cetiosaurus.


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