Baryonyx CollectA

Baryonyx CollectA

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Baryonyx is a theropod that lived in the Early Cretaceous, about 130-125 million years ago. Baryonyx means "heavy claw" in reference to the very large claw (31cm long) on the dinosaur's first finger. Skeletons have been found in the UK and Iberia. It was the first dinosaur to have been found that also ate fish as part of its diet. Thought to have been over 10 metres long and weighed over  1.7 tons. 

Baryonyx had a long narrow snout, the tip expanded to the sides, and a triangular crest between its eyes.  They have large serrated conical teeth with the largest at the front.

This Baryonyx figurine replaces the original model which is now out of date.

Approx: 18.5cm x 4.2cm x 7cm (LxWxH)

Suitable for ages 3+. Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.

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