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Utahceratops lived in the Cretaceous period around Utah in North America. Utahceratops was a large heavily built ground dwelling herbivore that could grow up to 7 meters long. It had a horn on its face and two pointy horns near its eyes. Skull bones have been recovered from the Kaiparowits Formation in Utah. This area was located near the western inland seaway a large inland sea that split North America into two landmasses, Laramidia to the west and Appalachia to the east. The plateau where dinosaurs lived was an ancient floodplain dominated by large channels of water and abundant wetlands, peat swamps, ponds and lakes, and was bordered by highlands. The climate was wet and humid, and supported an abundant range of organisms. This formation contains one of the best and most continuous records of late cretaceous terrestrial life in the world.

Late Cretaceous

14cm long x 7cm high

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