Herrerasaurus - Schleich

Herrerasaurus - Schleich

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Herrerasaurus was a bipedal carnivorous dinosaur and it was one of the earliest dinosaurs living in what we now know as Argentina. It had strong hind limbs with short thighs and long feet, indicating that it was likely a swift runner. The foot had five toes, but only the middle three bore weight. The outer toes were small; the first toe had a small claw. The tail, partially stiffened by overlapping vertebral projections, balanced the body and was also an adaptation for speed. The forelimbs of Herrerasaurus were less than half the length of its hind limbs. The upper arms and forearms were rather short, while the hand was elongated. The first two fingers and the thumb ended in curved, sharp claws for grasping prey. The fourth and fifth digits were small stubs without claws.


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