Gift Set Prehistoric Marine Creatures 12pc


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Prehistoric Marine creatures the perfect gift set of 12 pieces, miniature replica creatures from the CollectA series. Great for a sea diorama or just for play. 


        • Dunkleosteus
        • Parapuzosia
        • Australiceras
        • Cameroceras
        • Olenoides
        • Archelon
        • Leedsichthys
        • Xiphactinus
        • Pliosaurus
        • Temnodontosaurus
        • Baculites
        • Diplomoceras
"Recently purchased three marine dinosaurs for my son. They are exactly as described and arrived beautifully packaged within a few days of ordering. Happy with the pricing/delivery costs."

     "Thank you for a most professional encounter. i am thrilled with my order. My order arrived in super quick time and beautifully presented ready to give to the birthday boy. Thank you so much for the kid -sized catalogue that I know this little bloke will just love, along with the very thoughtful addition of some stickers and book marks. I am so glad I found you guys. Many thanks."

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