Giant Surface Stickers 10 different dinosaurs

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Ten dinosaur giant stickers for your room that peel on and off the wall. The sheet measures 60cm x 30cm so each dinosaur is 120mm to 150mm long thats about  the size of mum's hand.

For decorative use clean the wall with sugar soap & dry completely if you want the sticker to stay up for long periods of time.  To use as a play activity just place the stickers on any dry, dust free surface and apply even pressure on the sticker surface. These decorative wall stickers are safe for use and can be easily lifted & removed.
 "Loved it! Went down an absolute treat at my sons bday"
Kids love that they stick to the ceiling! Good fun!"

* Choose with care. This item is a play item. If you use them as decorative items they may have a limited wall life depending on humidity and dampness in the wall or the room. We do not replace this item as we do not know the quality of your wall. That said my stickers have been up for a year and they are fine.

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