Dinosaurs Wall Stickers Set 1 (4 sheets to a set)

Dinosaurs Wall Stickers Set 1 (4 sheets to a set)


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Now you can create your own Jurassic Park in any room! No need to wait an eon for prehistoric adventures to roar to life with this set of reusable decorative Dinosaur Wall Stickers. Each set of 4 sheets has 16 large stickers including your favourite herbivores and carnivores for a ton of dinosaur-themed design options.

The special peel and stick technology makes it easy to remove and reposition on any smooth, clean surface. Line them up for a decorative border or create your own dinosaur tales. These realistically detailed dinosaur stickers are ideal for future paleontologists.

For best results, just place the stickers on any dry, dust free surface and apply even pressure on the sticker surface. These decorative wall stickers are safe for use in all rooms including the bathroom and won‰۪t damage your walls.

Each sheet is 25cm x 34cm.

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