Dinosaur Figures Z-A

Dinosaurs Z-A

Dinosaurs are the reptiles, big and small, scaly and feathery, who lived during the Mesozoic era, which we believe was up to 225,000,000 years ago. These dinosaurs appeared during a time called the Triassic period, they then survived the Jurassic period, and only became extinct 65.5 million years ago. Scientists are not sure why the dinosaurs became extinct but it might have been a meteor and many large volcanoes erupting around the same time. Palaeontologist scientists, who study dinosaurs and their fossils, divide dinosaurs into two main groups: 1. the Saurischia (which translates to ‘lizard hips’), includes thebipedal carnivores, (walked on 2 legs) they only ate meat and the giant herbivores, who didn't eat any meat; group: 2 were the Ornithiscia (which translates to ‘bird hips’) these were smaller herbivores, they ate plants and bushes.

For the avid collector of dinosaurs we have an extensive range of CollectA dinos along side some fantastic Schleich models. 

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