Acrocanthosaurus Deluxe (with movable jaw) - 1:40 Scale

Acrocanthosaurus Deluxe (with movable jaw) - 1:40 Scale


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Acrocanthosaurus lived during the early Cretaceous era and was a bipedal predator. It was among the largest theropods to have existed and measured over 11 meters in length. The distinguishing feature of Acrocanthosaurus was a series of neural spines along its back. The function of these spines is still unknown however they may have functioned in communication, temperature control or fat storage.

Meaning: High-spined Lizard

Pronounciation: ak-ro-KANTH-uh-SAWR-us


 "Great model, my Kindy students are loving it. A nice large size that looks great on display."

Lower Cretaceous

29.5cm X11.9cm

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