Saichania - Schleich

Saichania - Schleich

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Saichania: a herbivore dinosaur from the genus of ankylosaurid the Mongolian meaning is "beautiful one". Saichania lived during the Cretaceous and fossils have been found in Mongolia and China. Saichania was over 5 meters in length and weighed more than 2 tonnes. The neck vertebrae, shoulder girdle, ribs and breast bone were firmly connected and possibly fused together. The body was flat and low-slung, and the animal stood on all 4 short legs. The forelimbs were very strong and its head was protected by armour tiles and Saichania had a large club tail. These characteristics made it possible to defend itself against predators like Tarbosaurus. Saichania bit off low tufted plants from its desert habitat with a horny beak and processed them in its wide hind gut, similar to the way cows process their food.


Tags: ankylosaurid
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