Kronosaurus (movable jaw) DELUXE

Kronosaurus (movable jaw) DELUXE

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Kronosaurus belonged to the genus of short-necked pliosaur from the Cretaceous Period. Fossils have been found in Queensland in Australia. Kronosaurus was a marine reptile that had an elongated head, a short stiff neck and propelled its body with 4 large flippers, which made it a powerful swimmer while its tail was quit short and streamline. Kronosaurus fossil found in Australia suggests that Kronosaurus grew to 9 or 10 meters in length. In 1899 Andrew Crombie of Hughenden discovered a piece of bone containing six conical teeth and gave the fossil to the Queensland Museum. Twenty-five years later then director Heber Longman formally described the specimen as Kronosaurus queenslandicus. More Kronosaurs material including a partial skull was discovered in 1929, in the same location as Crombie's original find.

Cretaceous Period

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