Carnotaurus Schleich 2018

Carnotaurus Schleich 2018

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Carnotaurus lived during the late Cretaceous period in Argentina, South America. There is only one species Carnotaurus Sastrei and it is known from a single well-preserved skeleton and is one of the best understood theropods from the Southern Hemisphere. Carnotaurus was a lightly built bipedal carnivorous predator with small horns on its head. The skeleton is preserved with extensive skin impressions, showing a mosaic of small, non-overlapping scales measuring about 5mm in diameter. The scales were interrupted by large bumps that lined the sides of the animal, and there are no hints of feathers.

 " I 
bought this as a gift for a dinosaur-loving little girl. It arrived beautifully wrapped and with some stickers and bookmarks too. She screamed when she opened it! "STICKERS!" and a second later "PUZZLE!" 

I love that it came with a storage pouch too. 
Thanks so much for an awesome product and service!

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