Australian Dinosaur Hatching Egg


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Dinosaur egg grow & hatch your own Australian dinosaur. This egg contains a model of Australovenator commonly known as Banjo one of the largest dinosaurs that ever lived and its fossils were found in Queensland. Crack this egg and hatch your baby dinosaur and place it in water and watch it grow. Awesome it just gets larger and larger, when your done take it out of the water and it shrinks back to a very small dinosaur that you can keep in the egg. When you buy this product a portion of your payment goes towards dinosaur discovery in Australia.

 "My 4 year nephew is really excited about his dinosaur egg and fully expects a real dinosaur to hatch and has placed his egg in a giant nest. Thank you."

"Better quality than most of the hatching eggs around, my little boy was very excited to watch it hatch."

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